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Achieving the dream of whole-body rejuvenation for people now alive

The Goal

The Human Rejuvenation Project aims to accelerate the progress of research into human, full-body rejuvenation. As a people, we can eliminate age-related illness and suffering and provide individual youthful health indefinitely for the people of the world.

Real Progress!

From the foundation of a new understanding of aging, in the 21st century there has been an explosion of cutting-edge research performed by institutes and companies working on human rejuvenation treatments for the medical repair of the seven or so categories of age-related biological damage. Real progress has been made, and in fact, a number of these rejuvenation technologies are set to go to human clinical trials in the next several years.

The Challenge

The only way we, as a people, can achieve human rejuvenation in our lifetimes is to accelerate the progress of human rejuvenation research beyond its already impressive pace. To do that, we must replace certain paradigms of how we, as a society, treat aging. And we must replace these paradigms quickly.

The Goal

The three primary paradigm shifts that we must make are:

  • Rejuvenation research performed under the framework of an overall project
  • Restructuring of the incentive ecosystem of rejuvenation research to promote sharing and cooperation
  • Societal recognition of aging as a disease

Paradigm Shift

Rejuvenation Research

Performed Under the Framework

Of an Overall Project

The latest consensus among rejuvenation researchers is that aging is a lethal synergy of several types of structural and physiological damage, all of which are the by-products of normal biological metabolism. Any one of the several types of aging damage can on its own lead to an eventual cascade of lethal, age-related illnesses.

That means that if progress in addressing any one of the types of damage falls behind, this will impede our overall progress toward our ultimate goal of robust, whole-body rejuvenation. In essence, our overall progress tracks the least-advanced of our research focus areas.

However, because of the profit incentives that drive much biomedical research, the areas of damage that receive the most research focus are too often those that have the greatest potential for profitable spin-offs, and not those areas that are the most neglected.

What we need is an overarching strategy for coordinating the attack on all types of damage, and we need a project to implement that strategy.

One of the purposes of The Human Rejuvenation Project is to manage and balance the effort across all types of damage:

  • Track the research progress in addressing each type of damage
  • Identify critical paths in the overall strategy
  • Drive research resources to correct any imbalance in distribution of the effort

Paradigm Shift

Restructuring of the

Incentive Ecosystem of

Rejuvenation Research

The Human Rejuvenation Project must provide incentives for research to be conducted in the framework of the project’s overarching strategy. But thus far, the way our society has been managing incentives for medical research is often at odds with any such overarching, global strategy.

Incentives for researchers in academia include:

  • Career recognition
  • Achieving tenure
  • Occasionally, lucrative business opportunities

Incentives for private corporations (e.g. drug companies) include:

  • Ownership of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Profit on the sale of drugs

Incentives for government agencies include:

  • Cooperation with and promotion of private industry
  • Satisfying the public

The way we have managed the ecosystem of these incentives has fostered:

  • Competition over sharing
  • The discouraging of results that might be negative for one research goal but yet useful overall
  • Siloing rather than sharing of knowledge
  • Unbalanced emphasis, favoring profitable research areas over neglected ones

One of the purposes of The Human Rejuvenation Project is to rethink and realign the incentive ecosystems of rejuvenation research to promote more collaboration and sharing to optimize progress toward our overarching goal.

Paradigm Shift

Societal Recognition

Of Aging as a Disease

A mission with the level of challenge of bringing about human, full-body rejuvenation can be profoundly expedited by the wholehearted support of society, but can also be significantly impeded by the lack of such support.

Currently, our global society has in general not embraced the possibility of human rejuvenation, and that reluctance is manifest in that:

  • National governments do not recognize aging itself as a disease
  • The general public is reluctant to entertain the possibility of human medical rejuvenation

Most national governments do not classify aging itself as a disease, but rather a “normal” phenomenon. Therefore governments enthusiastically allocate billions of dollars to fund research into the many diseases that are caused by aging, but until recently have been unwilling to fund research on mitigating aging itself.

A related problem is that, until aging is officially classified as a disease, new rejuvenation treatments will likely not be covered by medical insurance, notwithstanding the potential financial benefit to the insurers.

One of the major reasons that governments are reluctant to recognize aging as a disease is that the general public is reluctant to do so as well. For all of recorded history, humans have never had any real hope of escaping the frightening reality of aging and death. And so as a people, until several years ago we have had no choice but to take refuge inside a myriad of psychological coping mechanisms.

But in light of our new understanding of aging and the real research progress that has recently been made to address aging damage, it is now time to help the general public realize that human, whole-body rejuvenation is nearly within our reach.

To that end, another purpose of The Human Rejuvenation Project is to engage in public outreach to make the general public aware of this possibility, and to gain their support. For public outreach, The Human Rejuvenation Project relies on a sister organization – Second Youth:

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